Our BPA and RPA Practice


Our BPA (Business Process Automation) Team helps our clients to perform in depth analysis of their business processes to identify how these process can be optimised for maximum efficiency and reliability. The team will then design and implement bespoke solutions for our clients to manage and scale as needed. The engagements involving our BPA team are generally aligned with strategic organisational change or digital transformations but they have also delivered tactical projects that have contributed to major divisional savings.

Our relationship with PEGA certified partners enables us to deliver end to end BPM solutions on the PEGA platform, which is recognised as one of the most comprehensive BPM suites combining RPA and BPA functionality.  Our engineers and analysts work with our partner’s Tech Leads as a unified team to address our client’s needs.

Our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Team helps our clients to implement solutions to reduce their expenditure by using bots to automate repetitive and tedious processes and tasks that would typically be performed by a human. Our partnership with Automation Anywhere® enables us to get early insights into the latest trends and updates.