Consulting Services and Leadership Search


Our consulting services practice helps our clients attain the best consultants to assist them on short and long term in house initiatives. Our consultants possess a blend of niche and generic skills to accommodate our client’s needs and are always prepared to take on new challenges as they upgrade their skillsets throughout their careers, which enables our teams to accommodate any tech stack or domain.

Our leadership and talent acquisition team ensures that every new consultant is thoroughly screened and assessed to ensure that we always hire highly competent consultants with the correct inter-personal skillset relative to their role. Our diversity policy extends to both demographics and skillset ensuring that we always have the capability to deploy consultants to wide array of projects regardless of the tech stack and domain.

The technology executive search and staffing team helps our clients to find the best human capital to achieve their business objectives. Our recruiters have filled some of the most challenging roles in the region and across emerging technologies using global footprint searches for which we use our extensive network and expertise to continuously expand our repository of high quality candidates for various tech and business domains, so that we can quickly respond to our client’s specific needs.

We take pride in the quality of our staff and we will always take appropriate measures to ensure that their quality of work and life are sustainable. We invest in training our staff and constantly co-create ways for the teams to be happier and more productive personally and professionally.