Solution Delivery


We use leading Agile frameworks to accelerate application development with shorter release cycles and more flexibility to keep up with constantly changing market demands. Our expertise with a vast array of project management tools empowers our business stakeholders with full transparency so that they can provide feedback which we integrate into our development.

Our Consulting and delivery expertise covers the following domains:
  • BPM & RPA
  • Software design and development
  • DevOps coaching and engineering
  • UI / UX Design
  • IOT prototyping and development
  • Data engineering
  • Machine Learning and AI application development

Our solution delivery team provides end-to-end solutions including design, development and maintenance support. Our technology alliances & partnerships with leading, innovation driven companies ensure that our team is aligned with the most currently relevant emerging technologies. Our teams always include business domain experts and technology consultants to ensure that our capabilities are adapted to organisational frameworks.

The projects below are examples of what our team has delivered in the past:

  1. Telecoms CRM solution on the PEGA platform
  2. Automated back-end confirmations gateway controller
  3. A custom built client on-boarding module for a FinTech company
  4. IOT prototype to automate loyalty rewards  for a major regional retail chain