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Identity Access Management Portal


Our team was asked to deliver a comprehensive identity management solution on the PEGA platform for a major Singaporean Bank. Their existing solution was not integrated, required human input into multiple systems and was prone to human error.


Our team designed and implemented an identity management portal which will extend the following features to our client:

  • complete administrative control of all identity and access management functions including creation,          modification and deletion of users (batch and individual)
  • role based administration
  • complete control of system access management & governance
  • system integration and reporting for internal & external systems in the domain.

We built this solution on the Pega PRPC 7.1 platform with HTML, Angular and Java used for the customised interfacing. The project is being delivered over the period of a year.

The single point of administration resulted in enhanced ID management with a reduction in capturing and maintenance time and a centralised view for audit and monitoring.